Mens Boots - soles and heels

People grow attached and love their cowboy boots. They want to keep them working and looking good as long as possible.  Buying good quality boots is the first step. Finding a good shoe shop to maintain them is the second step. 

       At  Upsidedown Shoe Repair that is exactly what you will get. I use the best leather and rubber materials and hand craft the repair to blend right in as if no repair was ever made. 

Splicing the soles correctly

The seam between the original sole and the new sole should always be as close to the heel as possible.  It should also run at an angle, with the long side on the outside of each boot and the short side where the arches are located.  The seam or splice should also be about an inch in width and not be seen from the sides. 

     This is how every shoe and boot is repaired at Upsidedown.  I also never just glue soles on that were originally stitched by the factory like other shops do,  that I see come in my door every day. The repairs are always made to look and work as if it came from the factory.