Christian Louboutin - Mail Service

Print Forms


Click the link below to print the form to place in the box with your shoes.   Print one form per pair and fill out each for every pair in the box. Place a form in with directions in the corresponding shoes. 

Text a picture

Christian Louboutin Sole Protector - text a picture of the bottom

If you want to, you can text a picture of the bottoms to 205-542-6959 and include the heel tips in the shot. I can guide you if you need help. If the shoes are new, you can just go to the next step. Pick one of the three postal services and follow the directions.

Box and Mail

mailing options for red sole protectors christian Louboutin


(1) Place shoes in the box

(2) Place a form in each pair of shoes

(3) Drop your check or Money order in the box

(4) Drop a prepaid Return Label in the box.

(5) Seal the box and mail it to:

Upsidedown Shoe Repair

1818 28th ave. South

Suite A

Homewood, Al. 35209

Received by me

Upsidedown Shoe Repair destination for red sole protectors on Christian Louboutins

When the shoes are received, I will place them in line with the others.  If you chose the Rush Fee (Fast Pass) option on your form and include the charge on your check, I will bring them to the front of the line and start the process asap. 

completed / notification

Notifying customers that red sole protectors are ready for Christian Louboutins

As soon as your shoes are finished, I will text you a picture of them letting you know that I am about to be mailing them back to you. I will place the return label you enclosed on your box.

Back home to you

Delivering Christian Louboutins with red sole protectors

The next morning I will deliver them to the shipping service. Soon you will receive them. Mission accomplished. Sole Protectors installed and you didn't have to worry about your shoes being in the hands of an inexperienced local cobbler.