Help Children in Jefferson County be with BOTH parents in the event of a divorce - STOP THIS JUDGE!

Patricia Stephens must be removed to save the children

Please watch what Judge Patricia Stephens did to my daughter. She refused to follow the Rules of Evidence and allowed constant Obstruction of Justice by the mother, subjecting my youngest daughter to Parental Alienation that lasted for almost 3 years. This is CHILD ABUSE empowered at the Judicial level.  This has to STOP, and it's up to US TO DEMAND IT!  (read details and other testimonials below) Please pass this link to everyone you know voting on June 5th to remove this judge from the bench

stop judicial child abuse now!

Judge Patricia Stephens being deceptive to the public to sucker you out of your vote

Judge Patricia Stephens is running for re-election


This is Judge Patricia Stephens, who alienated my child from me and a number of children from their fathers. She is using deception to trick you to vote for her. She wants you to believe that she holds the best interest of children as her highest priority, and that she is an advocate for both parents being actively involved in their children’s lives. Judge Patricia Stephens has adopted as her own a 50/50 shared custody philosophy only after MR. Damon Watson entered as a candidate opposing her for Place 15 and began his campaign advocating on his philosophy of equally shared child custody to fit parents as he himself has been a victim of the dysfunctional court system. The line of loving and heartbroken parents and children condemned in Judge Patricia Stephen's courtroom speaks to the truth; my case with Judge Patricia Stephens amongst them. She is not telling you the truth as evidenced by her trial record. Instead Judge Patricia Stephens is spewing hollow rhetoric to secure re-election. Please take heed. Read and/or watch my experience with her. 

Judge Patricia Stephens

I am Louis Ardovino and my youngest daughter I were separated for almost 3 years


I am Louis Ardovino, the owner of Upsidedown Shoe Repair and my youngest daughter and I are victims of Judge Patricia Stephens, who contrary to the rational thought, awarded my ex-wife custody of my youngest 12-year old daughter. In doing so, separating her from me and her two older sisters for almost 3 years! After being subjected to nine months of Judge Patricia Stephens dysfunctional court; because no visitation schedule was ever created for me from the beginning, constant obstruction by my ex-wife with counselors, and me not being able to see my daughter - I showed up in Judge Patricia Stephens court begging for relief. I had my oldest daughter with me as a witness to what her mother was doing to all three daughters. Judge Patricia Stephens DENIED relief, and ordered more counseling! ||| One year later, now with 2 witnesses (adding my middle daughter), Judge Patricia Stephens again defied all rational thought, refusing to adjudicate! Again, ordering counseling and both daughters were unable to speak. ||| Then 3-months later, 2-years elapsing now; with both daughters again as witnesses, Judge Patricia Stephens would not or was incapable of making a different decision. More Counseling was ordered and both older daughter again were unable to speak. ||| 3 more months later, I filed a 4th motion to come back to court totaling 5 times - DENIED! Judge Patricia Stephens refused my attempt to come to her court but said if either party wanted to get an earlier divorce trial date that she would do that. ||| When both of us requested one.  Denied! ||| Eventually we finally got to trial. Judge Patricia Stephens decision after the trial, with the mother's own father testifying against her, both oldest daughters testifying against her, and me pleading with Judge Patricia Stephens, providing 3 years of factual material evidence that the mother was unfit, subjecting our youngest daughter to parental alienation which is considered the severest form of psychological child abuse - FULL CUSTODY WAS AWARDED TO THE MOTHER! Judge Patricia Stephens citing in the Final Judgment "the strained relationship between the Defendant (father) and the minor child". 4 years has elapsed now and my youngest daughter and I share 2-hours on Wednesday nights by order of this court. To this day, I still have no visitation schedule.  

My story is not an isolated incident. Judge Patricia Stephens is not being truthful with you and has for 6-years been irreparably damaging for life the relationships between parents and their children AND permanently diminishing the once personal and professional potential of children. My daughter is now 16, and as much as I love her and would want more court ordered time with her, paying another lawyer to go stand in front of Judge Patricia Stephens to try and fix what she has destroyed is nothing but a futile effort. During the last round of counseling that actually was complied with after full custody was finally achieved for the mother, my youngest daughter requested to be with her sisters during the counseling sessions. A request for the final order to be amended was filed and has been completely ignored by Judge Patricia Stephens office. THE CHILDREN AND PARENTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY CAN NOT AFFORD BEING SUBJECTED TO SIX MORE YEARS OF Judge Patricia Stephens dysfunctional philosophy. God help us with Place 15 - please protect our children this June 5th and remove Judge Patricia Stephens from the bench.

Damon Watson running against Judge Patricia Stephens exposes the horrible actions in our courts

Mr. Damon Watson running for Patricia Stephens place


This is Mr. Damon Watson speaking to the audience of a radio show called "Not Necessarily Political". He and his son are victims like me in a different court, Mr. Watson knows the pain and suffering loving parents and children are subjected to many times daily in dysfunctional domestic relations and family courts. Mr. Watson had no ambitions of become a domestic relations court judge, but after his experiences with this senseless abuse, Mr. Watson was compelled to ensure other loving parents and children were not subjected to this abuse. Mr. Damon Watson  chose to run for judge and make a positive difference in the lives of the families that appear before him in Place 15 Court. Mr. Watson hopes his Court will serve as a positive model for other judges to follow.  

After the more than 4-years of constant heartache that my daughter and I have had to endure at the hands of Judge Patricia Stephens, the choice is clear to me. Mr. Damon Watson is the only candidate for Circuit Court Place 15. No person who has ever experienced the nightmare that is domestic / family court would ever inflict that same on another person OR CHILD. THIS IS WHY I TRUST HIM – WE MUST REMOVE Judge Patricia Stephens!


Please support in anyway possible Mr. Damon Watson's campaign by clicking here.

Watch MR. Damon Watson's video interview

Louis situation and others


I happen to personally know of three other parents and their children that were clearly wronged by this judge. These people insist on remaining anonymous out of fear of being brought back to court by their ex-spouse and having to face the wrath of this Judge’s retaliation. As for me, practically everything that I owned and worked for, even before I ever met my now ex-wife, was either taken from me by Judge Patricia Stephens or lost fighting the battle on a false domestic violence charge. Judge Patricia Stephens knew it was a false charge. Judge Patricia Stephens gave my ex the home that was almost paid for, 1/3 of an investment that I made before I met her, made me pay $25,000 of her $30,000 legal fees, I have no home for my daughters and I, I'm $70,000 in debt and $20,000 behind on taxes, but what can never be replaced is - she cheated my youngest daughter and I out of 3+ years of sharing in each other's lives and me getting to mentor as a parent. Judge Patricia Stephens cheated her of bonding with her two sisters that have had nothing to do with their mother for 4 and 3 years to date because of her lying to the court to gain property, assets, and child support.


Remember: According to her video, Judge Patricia Stephens "makes the tough decisions" The reality is as stated above.


After hearing about Mr. Damon Watson running for this judicial position and the experiences that he had to endure in his own trials, I simply cannot live with myself if I don't warn the good people of Jefferson County about THIS WOMAN. I am sure that after this gets out, I hope others will come forward with their stories. I never knew how important it was to have a God-fearing person that stands for right and wrong in these positions, but I do now. I can never get back those 3+ years of not having contact or a relationship with my youngest daughter. The damage to our relationship because of this Judge will likely never fully heal - the little time that we have together has broken the father-daughter bond. What we have today is only a shell of what we used to enjoy. I pray that Jefferson County makes the right choice for all of its unfortunate families that will unsuspectingly end up in Judge Patricia Stephens court if she has 6-more years. This could be your child or your grandchild that you won't see again. Please vote responsibly. The children and parents in Jefferson County are depending on YOUR INFORMED JUDGMENT. Let us not forget that Judge Patricia Stephens is only a person just like us. She may have forgotten that, but it is your vote, and your vote alone, that gives Patricia Stephens her power over others. After 6 years of judicial child abuse and numerous parents and their children unwillingly separated without merit – MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT -  PROFOUNDLY MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES IN THE POST-DIVORCE FUTURE OF CHILDREN – CAST YOUR VOTE FOR Mr. DAMON WATSON!

Below is Terrence Robinson's experience with Judge Stephens

This testimonial has not been verified by Upsidedown Shoe Repair or it's owner. It is  included herein at the request of the author. View at your discretion.

Domestic Relations - Jefferson County (Terrence)

This video is about an observer of the Domestic Relations Court who sits in to watch and gives his summary of the 3 judges and how they operate in their courtrooms. Two of the Judges are good, but one separates Fathers from their children.  In this case the Judge keeps the father from the child for almost two years, despite the mother telling the judge that the child wants to be with his father!!  This case lasted for 5 years and was only finalized when Patricia Stephens recused herself.

Terrence Robinson

Terrence Robinson here is unable to see his son because of the ruthless actions of Judge Patricia Stephens keeping yet another father from being with his child.

After the above video was posted on Facebook


On May 7th 2018 @ 11:03am
My attorney filed a motion of compliance in an effort to get my son for parenting/visitation time on my birthday May 8th.

-12minutes later-

On May 7th 2018 @ 11:15am
Judge Patricia Anne Stephens files an Order of recusal to remove herself from my case citing I threatened her and her family on Facebook. She even called the “authorities.”

Ask yourself why a sitting Judge would go these lengths to attack a litigant that has an active case in front of her?

Here’s why...Me and my organization (MSTR-Men Standing for Their Rights Inc. found another father being denied access to his child who happened to be an attorney to run against her for her judicial seat.
We funded and support his campaign to get him elected and keep abusive behavior like this from happening to other families in Jefferson County.

We MUST elect Damon Watson for Circuit Court Judge Place 15 on June 5th 2018! When Damon is elected Pat Stephens will never be able to abuse children or families of Jefferson County again. Vote, donate and share the knowledge of abuse of power committed by elected officials in Alabama.

A great birthday gift would of course be to spend it with my son, but the behavior of an incompetent judge and a horrible parent/ex-wife will prevent that.
Let’s stop judicial malfeasance! Vote Damon Watson and remove Patricia Stephens. She destroys families.

Not seeing your grandchild and what it feels like

This is Terrence's mom telling what it's like to deal with not being able to see your grandchild. Yet, another Grandparent unable to see her grandchild because of Judge Patricia Stephens

Out of Judge Stephens court 12 days Terrence is with his son

Finally reunited after getting out of Judge Patricia Stephens courtroom.

So happy for you both Terrence!

Terrence is finally able to be with his son!

Look at the joy on Terrence's sons face after Judge Patricia Stephens recused herself. Bad Judge

This son of his looks so happy to be with his dad

It's not right to separate children from a parent

Thank you Judge Patricia Stephens for 5 lost years because of your evil actions and bad judgment.

Look at the love! It's just a natural thing

Separating a parent from a child should be against the law for a judge or anyone to do.  Why?  It only hurts the child now, and later in life.  Please join and help us stop this abuse.