Custom Boot Making - coming soon!

This is Bo Riddle

Bo Riddle is one of the best Boot Makers in Alabama. I have always heard incredible things about Bo Riddle from my Uncle Morris Princiotta who taught me the art of shoe repair back in the 80's. Bo loved to teach his skills and taught David Eickholt.... aka IKO. 

Teaming up with David Eickholt

David is an incredible craftsman and we will be working together to get his boot making skills working for you!  He may even teach me along the way?  This is a picture of David back in the 90's learning under Bo Riddle and showing off his craftsmanship.  David is getting back into the boot making and teaming up with Upsidedown Shoe Repair to get it going.  Soon we hope to be making custom made boots for the public. 

Just a few of David Eickholt's Boots

More pictures and updates coming soon. If you would like a pair of Boots made let us know.  We are in the process of getting set up at the moment.

More pictures of past work and updates on when we will be ready to operate coming soon.