Custom Boot Maker / Custom Guitars


This is Bo Riddle

Bo Riddle is one of the best Boot Makers in Alabama. I have always heard incredible things about Bo Riddle from my Uncle Morris Princiotta who taught me the art of shoe repair back in the 80's. Bo loved to teach his skills and taught David Eickholt.... aka IKO. 


David Eickholt

This is David back in the 90's showing a custom made pair of boots he has just finished. 


Just a few of David Eickholt's Boots

More pictures and updates coming soon. 

The Talents and Craftsmanship of David Eickholt go beyond custom made boots. Look below.

Beyond Custom Boots - Custom made Electric and Acoustic Guitars

David is also an incredible custom guitar maker.  Below are 4 examples of some guitars that he has made. He makes Electric and Acoustic. David's contact information can be found at the bottom of the page. 

David's contact info

Cell Phone


Let David make a Custom Guitar for you!