Christian Louboutin Red Sole Protectors

Red Soles

Christian Louboutin shoes come with beautiful red soles. The soles are made of high quality leather that has been painted with a beautiful lacquer finish.  Everyone loves them! 


With normal use, the lacquer begins to wear off and flake under the ball of the foot where the sole touches the ground. The leather sole begins to show, and it loses it's beautiful red color The natural tan color of leather begins to show through, and the sole begins the wearing out process.

Vibram or Mirror Red Sole Protector Solution

Vibram Rubber or the new Mirror Protectors can be placed over the part of the sole that catches the wear under the ball of the foot. This process preserves the original soles from wearing out and requiring replacement over a period of time. This also keeps the bottom of the shoes red in color and provides a non-slip surface to secure your step when walking.

Christian Louboutin Mirror Sole Protector

 When  searching other shoe repair sites (YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram) I noticed there is no focus on the edges. This is by far the hardest part of the installation process. Prepping the surface with the wrong type sander gouges the soles causing waves in the edges. Additionally trimming takes skill along with specialized equipment to prevent damage to the edge of the sole and upper.  This is a very difficult task on these particular shoes.

I have developed a unique and different process along with special equipment to aid me with installing these protectors to perfection. The traditional shoe repair equipment used for decades by cobblers everywhere, does not work well with this application. These shoes are way too delicate and expensive to trust just any repair shop. Here are Mirror Protectors installed on a pair of black crow patent Pigalle Follies

Good Craftsmanship examples (edges)

The edges should be smooth and the original sole should look the same with no dips, waves, or gouges. The sole protector should not be seen looking downward at the shoes. (notice the far left picture - lower shoe)  After the purchase of your shoes, it is ok to walk around and enjoy them for a while. However, keep your eyes focused on the edges. If you see where you are wearing along the edges and not just the center, it is time to bring them in for protectors before further damage is done.

BELOW - Poor Craftsmanship examples (edges)

  These two pairs were brought into my shop by a customer that used the nearest competition just a couple of blocks away. Notice the edges. The lady was almost in tears. The damage was irreversible. I did attempt to repair them to the best of my ability, but it was impossible to do the job correctly. What you are seeing is what the other shop did to her shoes.  It is very hard and  sometimes impossible to correct the bad craftsmanship and damage to the shoe by someone that does not know what they are doing. Unfortunately this is very common and sad to see such expensive shoes get ruined by average cobblers